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Make Your Wealth Your Business

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Make Your Wealth Your Business

The Ultimate Guide to Thinking Like a Small Business Owner to Yield the Greatest Benefits to Your Portfolio

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Running a small business means selling goods you know inside and out to customers you know equally well: what they like, what they buy, and what they reject. Using a similar mindset, novice investors can manage their portfolios by understanding what works, controlling risk, and building knowledge.

It’s about knowing the details about what is in their portfolio and how a stock and the company behind it operates.

Columnist Andrew Allentuck and financial planner Benoit Poliquin bring new investors a much-needed introduction to the critical skills that will maximize their investments’ values over their lifetimes.

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Andrew Allentuck is a longtime investment author and journalist who knows more about some of the topics he writes about than do some of the investment experts he interviews. Better yet, he has an entertaining, easy-to-read style that makes it a pleasure to absorb the insider knowledge he delivers in Cherished Fortune.

– Patrick McKeough, Publisher/Editor, The Successful Investor newsletter

If I were to suggest one book that any new investor should read before entering the market, it would be Cherished Fortune. Practical, smart, and highly readable, authors Allentuck and Poliquin convincingly illustrate how knowledge and common sense are paramount to building (and cherishing) your fortune.

– Peter Muggeridge, Senior Editor, Zoomer Magazine

Cherished Fortune is a great approach for the long term accumulation of wealth. I have used this common-sense financial planning process successfully to my clients for the past 30 years. A highly recommended read.

– Don Forbes, registered financial planner, Forbes Wealth Management Ltd.

About the Authors

Andrew Allentuck

Andrew Allentuck writes the Family Finance column for the Financial Post. He has written several other books on bonds, retirement planning, and health economics. He lives in Winnipeg.

Benoit Poliquin

Benoit Poliquin is President and Lead Portfolio Manager for Exponent Investment Management Inc. A financial planner as well as a chartered financial analyst, he lives in Ottawa.