Portfolio Review

We’ll look at your portfolio from every angle, uncovering risks and opportunities while structuring your account for a successful financial future.

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Looking Beyond Investments

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We will review your financial statements, mortgage payments, insurance coverage and anything else that may impact your finances. We’ll find ways to make your money work more efficiently for you, improve account structures and, where possible, reduce what you are paying in fees and taxes.

Once our advisors have an overall picture of your portfolio and a firm understanding of your motivations, we’ll figure out the best path forward and make suggestions to fix any gaps we find. By the end of this exercise you’ll be relieved at just how smoothly everything is running, and wonder why you hadn’t done this long ago.

Portfolio Review


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Our advisors will help answer the questions that plague most people. Am I doing enough? Should I be doing more? Is there a better way?

The Whole Picture

We’ll look at your whole financial picture. Diversification and risk exposure are just the tip of the iceberg. To ensure you attain your financial goals, we’ll look at your current saving strategy, how much debt you're carrying, and the types of assets you own.

Setting Goals

Most of us aren’t even sure what goals we should be setting, let alone how to achieve them. We’ll help you define meaningful goals and set actionable plans towards achieving them.

Fee Analysis

Are you paying too much in fees? If you don’t know the answer, you probably are. Let us help you fix that.

Risk Management

Understanding and managing risk is something that our financial advisors will help you navigate. Let’s make sure you have contingency plans in place and are aware of the insurance options available to you.

Lower Taxes

You pay enough in taxes already. We’ll structure your investments in such a way that you only pay your fair share and no more.

Account Structuring

Your needs will change over time, and so will the structure of your accounts. We’ll make sure there is a plan in place for now and when these changes take place down the road.

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Our Team

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Ottawa Office

Benoit Poliquin
Benoit Poliquin, CFA, CFP
President & Lead Portfolio Manager
Graham Mayes
Graham Mayes, CFP, TEP, MTI
Chief Investment Strategist & Partner
Mathew Hall
Mathew Hall, CFA, CFP
Partner & Portfolio Manager
Tyson Charlebois
Tyson Charlebois, CFA
Partner & Portfolio Manager
Stephan Desbiens
Stephan Desbiens, CIM, PFP
Partner & Associate Portfolio Manager
Marlène Chainé
Marlène Chainé, CIM
Partner & Associate Portfolio Manager


Gloria Semaan
Gloria Semaan
Operations Manager
Darrell Mayo
Darrell Mayo, MFIN
Associate Portfolio Manager & Trader
Jessica El-Sheikh Ali
Jessica El-Sheikh Ali
Investment Account Manager

Toronto Office

Gerret W. Kavanagh
Gerret W. Kavanagh, CFA, CIM, CFP, FSCI, CLU, MBA, BSC
Partner & Associate Portfolio Manager

Winnipeg Office

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