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Preferred Shares vs Common Shares

Preferred Shares are often misunderstood and often misused The financial crisis of 2008-2009 cut significantly into the portfolio values of stock market investors in Canada and around the world, motivating many investors to seek the shelter of safer, less volatile investments. Often preferred stocks were the refuge of choice. That shift in strategy, combined with...


Should I Use a Financial Advisor or Do It Myself?

The complexity of the financial industry, especially professionals specializing in advisory services, requires the expertise of a financial advisor. The problem is knowing when to hire a licensed advisor firm and how financial advisers charge their clients. There are pros and cons of money management you must consider before choosing a reputable financial professional. Trust…

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What is Wealth Management and Why Do I Need It?

As many people with significant assets near retirement, they often want to know what is wealth management and what it can offer. Wealth management entails all management functions of a person’s wealth and assets. This includes both financial planning and investment management services. In contrast to other financial professionals, wealth managers are concerned with delivering…

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Wealth Transition and the Importance of Having a Succession Plan in Place

In years gone by, the concept of ‘financial advice’ meant literally recommending investments and building portfolios. Advisors would trek out to lunch presentations by all the mutual fund companies and promoters, then return to their offices and make some calls to unsuspecting clients, pitching them the next best thing, regurgitating soundbites from star portfolio managers….

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