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Sports And Entertainment Professional

You are in the sports and entertainment business as either an athlete/entertainer, trainer or coach. You have had one or more lucrative contracts but the length of your career is unknown. Your retirement will be much longer than the average person. As such, you need a solid plan that outlines how to manage your cash flow to maintain a good lifestyle for decades. 

Wealth Management for sports and entertainment professionals.
Exponent Investment Management is a financial advisor firm that dedicated to helping professional athletes with wealth management.

When you are a public figure knowing who to trust can be difficult and the people closest to you (family/friends) may be trustworthy but ill-prepared for the role of advisor when it comes to legal and financial matters. We have extensive experience dealing with wealthy families from all types of industries who value discretion and access to the decision makers in an environment where your interests are paramount. Our job is to work with you to develop a strategy to make your wealth last your lifetime and beyond if you wish to leave an estate for your heirs so you can focus on defining the next chapter of your life.

About Us

Established in 2011 Exponent Investment Management is an independent wealth management firm servicing clients from coast to coast. We are not owned by a large bank or insurance company. What does that mean for you? Banks and insurance companies sell products that are designed to generate large fees for the corporation and their shareholders regardless of whether or not these products are the right fit for you. We are different. We listen to you and build simple, diversified portfolios that will help you reach your goals.

Using a proven process that works Exponent portfolios are designed to reduce volatility while providing long term consistent returns. A smoother ride is much more enjoyable and leads to better success overall.

Our fees are transparent and aligned with your interests. You know exactly what you are paying. For information about our fees and performance schedule a consultation here.

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