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We know that living in the present and planning for the future can feel like two full-time jobs. Few real people can juggle both effectively on their own. We navigate the gap between today and the future to ensure you don’t miss opportunities to achieve your long-term financial vision. Our credible financial services are for people who want effective management of their money to meet long-term financial goals.

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Personalized Personal Financial Planning in Canada

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Budgeting, saving and having a sound investment strategy are all parts of financial planning, but they aren't the whole picture. It’s really about identifying your life goals and plotting a course to reach them.

Once we have established your vision of success, our team will formulate a custom plan that will guide you towards realizing it.

An effective investment strategy should integrate all aspects of your financial life. This is why we take a customized, holistic approach to planning that encompasses your current needs with retirement cash-flow, tax optimization, life and disability insurance requirements, and your estate.

There are many moving parts to an effective financial plan but it is the sum of its parts that provide true peace of mind. When you know that all the complexities of your financial future are under control you can truly enjoy living in the present.

Personal Financial Services in Canada


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Investing is a human capital endeavor where experience and continuity are factors to consistent success. Having an experienced team managing the various aspects of your personal finances is the best place to start.

Estate Planning

We want to make sure that all aspects of your estate are managed properly, so we take the time to consult with you and your other advisors (accountants and lawyers), ensuring nothing is left to chance.

Retirement Planning

Let’s discuss your retirement goals and identify solutions to any hurdles that stand in your way of achieving them. With a proper plan in place you can take comfort, knowing what lies ahead.

Corporate and Business Planning

As an entrepreneur or executive, your largest asset is your ownership of your company's shares and assets. How do you manage this risk? We have developed strategies to help you mitigate risk in a variety of ways.

Risk Management

Understanding and managing risk is something that our financial advisors will help you navigate. Let’s make sure you have contingency plans in place and are aware of the insurance options available to you.

Succession Planning

Our financial planners will work with you and your family to create an effective succession plan. We believe that the better educated people are and the more open communication is, the greater the likelihood your wishes about managing their future wealth can be fulfilled.

Tax Planning & Management

We want to make sure you have an optimized tax strategy. Our advisors will provide you with the support you need on both business and personal fronts.

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Benoit Poliquin
Benoit Poliquin, CFA, CFP
President & Lead Portfolio Manager
Graham Mayes
Graham Mayes, CFP, TEP, MTI
Chief Investment Strategist & Partner
Mathew Hall
Mathew Hall, CFA, CFP
Partner & Portfolio Manager
Tyson Charlebois
Tyson Charlebois, CFA
Partner & Portfolio Manager
Stephan Desbiens
Stephan Desbiens, CIM, PFP
Partner & Associate Portfolio Manager
Marlène Chainé
Marlène Chainé, CIM
Partner & Associate Portfolio Manager


Gloria Semaan
Gloria Semaan
Operations Manager
Darrell Mayo
Darrell Mayo, MFIN
Associate Portfolio Manager & Trader
Jessica El-Sheikh Ali
Jessica El-Sheikh Ali
Investment Account Manager

Toronto Office

Gerret W. Kavanagh
Gerret W. Kavanagh, CFA, CIM, CFP, FSCI, CLU, MBA, BSC
Partner & Associate Portfolio Manager

Winnipeg Office

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