Investment Management

You have a vision for your financial future, and it deserves to be implemented by our team of experienced professionals who are experts in devising ideal solutions for Investment Management. We will select, monitor and adjust your portfolio holdings according to market conditions and your current situation.

Get the Most Out of Your Investments

We look for companies that have an ability to grow the dividend income paid to the shareholders (owners) over time. The shareholders of these types of companies can see their income increase over time irrespective of what happens in the stock market. Because our fees are charged as a percentage of the investments we manage, they are generally much lower than retail management products.

Good investment management is about having a plan to mitigate risk, identify opportunities and anticipate your future needs.

As one of the leading investment companies in Canada, we continuously invest in technology and education so that our clients’ portfolios can benefit from Growth & Income with a Global Perspective.


Asset Allocation

Whether you are saving for retirement, drawing retirement income or investing for future generations, we will work with you to create a portfolio with a mix of asset classes as unique as you are. This will help to balance the overall portfolio risk, performance, and volatility.


Everything in moderation, they say, and this holds true for a healthy portfolio. We make sure you are adequately diversified across asset types, sectors and geographical markets to minimise risks and prevent losses.


We adjust your asset allocation periodically to ensure your portfolio is optimally balanced.Rebalancing presents opportunities to increase investment returns and reduce investment risk by consistently buying low and selling high.

Frequently Asked Questions

The task of investment management is to deploy excess capital. That is how you get started- find an investment vehicle that works for you. This can be a mutual fund, a stock, an exchange-traded fund or a bond.

Portfolio Management is the active and ongoing selection and sale of investments as part of an overall strategy or plan. Investment Management is often used interchangeably with Portfolio Management. In Canada, the title Portfolio Manager is controlled by the industry regulators. Not everyone can call themselves a portfolio manager. You need to have demonstrated a high ethical standard, relevant education and professional accreditation combined with a significant amount of professional experience before applying to the regulatory bodies to become a portfolio manager. However, anyone can call themselves an investment manager.

A good investment strategy begins with an investment policy statement that will be the road map to your investments. Your cash flow needs, your tolerance and appetite for risk combined with your investment experience are some of the important parameters that go into an investment policy statement. At Exponent Investment Management, we look for quality companies that have the ability, a policy and a history of paying dividends to their shareholders. We use a variety of tools to assess the value of the potential investment in order to find the ones that are suitable for investment today.

The minimum household we will manage is $500,000.

All of our client’ assets are held with a third party custodian. This custodian ensures the safety of your investment and handle all of the statement preparation, tax reporting and handle the trading and the deposits and withdrawals.

Investments where the principal is not guaranteed. The investment you choose can lose value due to external circumstances. The investment thesis that drove the purchase might be early in terms of timing, or it might simply be wrong. If you stick to quality companies and buy them at the right price, most investments will prove to be profitable over the long term. However, susceptible to changes, the thesis can and will be proven wrong occasionally, and unknown unknowns will come to pass and make the plans obsolete.

This is why an investment policy statement and continuous communication with your portfolio manager is key. We are all humans with some blind spots – one of them is that our most recent experiences drive our decisions. When investing, this means that if you have had a good “run” in your investments, you might be willing to accept more risk. If your most recent performance is underwhelming, you will be more risk-averse.

How much risk you are willing to take on is based on your own circumstances and the current investment climate.

Exponent’s approach to investing is to solve one complicated problem: how does one go from active business or professional income to retirement. This starts with an investment plan or financial plan which will drive the design of the portfolio. We focus on generating investment income, growing this income and growing the invested capital as well.

All of our clients have online access to their investments. They can track all of the buy and sell decisions, the income received, fees paid and the performance of their investments handled by Exponent Investment Management Inc.

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