Investment Management

You have a vision for your financial future, and it deserves to be implemented by our team of experienced professionals who are experts in devising ideal solutions for Investment Management. We will select, monitor and adjust your portfolio holdings according to market conditions and your current situation.

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Get the Most Out of Your Investments

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We look for companies that have an ability to grow the dividend income paid to the shareholders (owners) over time. The shareholders of these types of companies can see their income increase over time irrespective of what happens in the stock market. Because our fees are charged as a percentage of the investments we manage, they are generally much lower than retail management products.

Good investment management is about having a plan to mitigate risk, identify opportunities and anticipate your future needs.

As one of the leading investment companies in Canada, we continuously invest in technology and education so that our clients’ portfolios can benefit from Growth & Income with a Global Perspective.

Investment Management


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Asset Allocation

Whether you are saving for retirement, drawing retirement income or investing for future generations, we will work with you to create a portfolio with a mix of asset classes as unique as you are. This will help to balance the overall portfolio risk, performance, and volatility.


Everything in moderation, they say, and this holds true for a healthy portfolio. We make sure you are adequately diversified across asset types, sectors and geographical markets to minimise risks and prevent losses.


We adjust your asset allocation periodically to ensure your portfolio is optimally balanced.Rebalancing presents opportunities to increase investment returns and reduce investment risk by consistently buying low and selling high.

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Our Team

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Ottawa Office

Benoit Poliquin
Benoit Poliquin, CFA, CFP
President & Lead Portfolio Manager
Graham Mayes
Graham Mayes, CFP, TEP, MTI
Chief Investment Strategist & Partner
Mathew Hall
Mathew Hall, CFA, CFP
Partner & Portfolio Manager
Tyson Charlebois
Tyson Charlebois, CFA
Partner & Portfolio Manager
Stephan Desbiens
Stephan Desbiens, CIM, PFP
Partner & Associate Portfolio Manager
Marlène Chainé
Marlène Chainé, CIM
Partner & Associate Portfolio Manager


Gloria Semaan
Gloria Semaan
Operations Manager
Darrell Mayo
Darrell Mayo, MFIN
Associate Portfolio Manager & Trader
Jessica El-Sheikh Ali
Jessica El-Sheikh Ali
Investment Account Manager

Toronto Office

Gerret W. Kavanagh
Gerret W. Kavanagh, CFA, CIM, CFP, FSCI, CLU, MBA, BSC
Partner & Associate Portfolio Manager

Winnipeg Office

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