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Our Approach

Our approach is simple. We design, implement and manage our clients’ portfolios so that they can benefit from Growth & Income with a Global Perspective. Our service is designed to be attentive to the needs of our clients. We continuously invest in technology and education so that our clients benefit from portfolios designed for their goals and aspirations.

Exponent is not a sales organization remunerated by product sales, volumes, quotas or the number of generated transactions. Our investment decisions are completely independent and free of biases. Our fees are transparent and generally much lower than retail management products.

Our Experience

Combined, our carefully curated team of consultants has over 100 years of relevant experience, education and accreditation. This unique team of people is the cornerstone of Exponent’s success.

Often, people come to us when dealing with significant wealth for the first time. This wealth could be the result of a very difficult emotional or stressful period (death, health issues, divorce, or the sale of a business). Other times, it is the culmination of a lifelong career, of saving and sacrifice, or a family legacy that they wish to pass on. Regardless of the situation, the dependability of our team’s proven experience and the calibre of our stewardship bring comfort to those with wealth in our care.

Our Process

Our goal is to help clients move from active or professional income to passive retirement income.

The first step is to make an assessment by way of a financial plan. This plan can be as detailed or general as required by your circumstances and interest level. The financial plan will inventory your income sources (pensions, investments, savings, etc.) against your desired lifestyle. This exercise may identify a gap or a surplus. We will provide you with a roadmap to close this gap, and conversely, if you are in a surplus situation, how to manage this surplus.

The implementation of the financial plan is the second step in our process. We will build a custom investment portfolio comprised of mostly dividend paying stocks from Canada, the United States, Europe and beyond. This portfolio will encompass your particular tax and financial situation as well as your personal goals. The management is turnkey… we handle all the buy and sell decisions on your behalf. The end goal is to earn an investment income that is consummate with your planning needs, all the while increasing the capital and the income from the capital over time.

Investment Process

Leveraging the investment experience of over 100 years of our Portfolio Managers, we look for quality companies that have a history, an ability and a policy of rewarding shareholders by way of earnings and sales growth, combined with growing dividends and/or share buybacks. Our stock universe includes Canada, the United States, Europe and more mature overseas markets. Ideally, we like to purchase these shares at opportunistic valuations and will not shy away from selling these great companies should the valuations become excessively expensive.

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