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Windfall Recipient

You have received a significant sum all at once from either receiving an inheritance, proceeds from an insurance settlement or lottery winnings. You may feel ‘flush’ with cash but now is the time to gain clarity around your financial situation and set a firm foundation in place. We will help develop a plan so you can understand how to make that money work for you not you working for your money. 


Cash flow management, budgeting, estate and tax planning will be integral parts of the plan. You will receive unbiased advice as opposed to ‘feel good’ sales practices in an environment where your needs are paramount. Getting clarity around the various aspects of your financial situation will allow you to find a balance between spending and having fun while at the same time maintaining a solid base to last your lifetime.

Financial Gap Video Analysis

We are offering a complimentary financial gap video analysis to investors with 500k+ to help you determine if you are on track for retirement.

Fill in the form and one of our advisors will review your situation via a video analysis.

Gain valuable insights and information to ensure that you are well-prepared for your golden years.

Receive a precise monthly savings target to effectively plan and manage your finances, ensuring you reach your savings goals with ease.

identifying gaps early, take proactive measures to mitigate any potential financial risks

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Established in 2011 Exponent Investment Management is an independent wealth management firm servicing clients from coast to coast. We are not owned by a large bank or insurance company. What does that mean for you? Banks and insurance companies sell products that are designed to generate large fees for the corporation and their shareholders regardless of whether or not these products are the right fit for you. We are different. We listen to you and build simple, diversified portfolios that will help you reach your goals.

Using a proven process that works Exponent portfolios are designed to reduce volatility while providing long term consistent returns. A smoother ride is much more enjoyable and leads to better success overall.

Our fees are transparent and aligned with your interests. You know exactly what you are paying. For information about our fees and performance schedule a consultation here.

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