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Our certified financial planners adopt a simple approach that focuses on designing financial services according to the need of our clients.

You have some investments, some RRSPs, a TFSA and money set aside for a rainy day. You’ve managed to get your money working for you, but you know it should be doing more. Between fees, taxes, and missed opportunities, you worry that by the time you get to enjoy your wealth, there will be nothing left.

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The Exponent Solution

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First and foremost, Exponent is focused on the long-term success and security of your customized portfolio. We want to make sure you are confident and comfortable with your financial future. Our investment strategy, security standards, and service approach are designed to earn your trust, organize your financial efforts and grow your wealth. We’ll pair you with one of our certified financial planners who can deal with your specific financial aspirations and desired level of engagement. Book a 15-minute consultation and we’ll help ascertain a better plan to manage your financial future.


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Tax Planning & Management

We want to make sure you have an optimized tax strategy. Our personal financial planners will provide you with the support you need on both business and personal fronts. Their vast experience in this field will help you achieve your desired financial goals.

Risk Management

Understanding and managing risk is something that our financial advisors will help you navigate. Let’s make sure you have contingency plans in place and are aware of the insurance options available to you.

Asset Allocation

Whether you are saving for retirement, drawing retirement income or investing for future generations, we will work with you to create a portfolio with a mix of asset classes as unique as you are.

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Ottawa Office

Benoit Poliquin
Benoit Poliquin, CFA, CFP
President & Portfolio Manager
Graham Mayes
Graham Mayes, CFP, TEP, MTI
Partner & Portfolio Manager
Mathew Hall
Mathew Hall, CFA, CFP
Partner & Portfolio Manager
Tyson Charlebois
Tyson Charlebois, CFA
Partner & Portfolio Manager
Stephan Desbiens
Stephan Desbiens, CIM, PFP
Partner & Associate Portfolio Manager


Gloria Semaan
Gloria Semaan
Operations Manager
Darrell Mayo
Darrell Mayo, MFIN
Associate Portfolio Manager & Trader
Jessica El-Sheikh Ali
Jessica El-Sheikh Ali
Investment Account Manager
Ryan Cameron
Ryan Cameron
Marketing Manager
Nolan How
Nolan How

Toronto Office

Gerret W. Kavanagh
Gerret W. Kavanagh, CFA, CIM, CFP, FCSI, CLU, MBA, BSC
Partner & Associate Portfolio Manager

Winnipeg Office

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