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Eliott Einarson

Eliott is a regular contributor, in the National Post’s Family Finance column, providing financial advice to Canadians. Eliott specializes in retirement planning and understands that each retirement situation is unique and uses his expertise and a detailed process to create a personalized approach to retirement planning. Many factors are unique to each retirement, and his thorough financial planning process leads to long-term success, helping clients understand their options and achieve their dreams. The key is to plan for an efficient long-term retirement income from all sources and implement that plan in a way that is not going to be changed due to market conditions.

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alberta housing market

Downsizing in decimated Alberta housing market the key to securing this senior’s retirement

Eliott Einarson is a regular contributor in the National Post’s Family Finance column, providing retirement advice to Canadians. This situation is about a single woman at the cusp of retirement and looking for solutions to meet her needs. She feels she won’t need her large house and wants to move into a smaller condo. By doing so she can eliminate her mortgage, reduce some expenses and free up some additional cash flow. Eliott works with her on building a retirement income plan that can last well into her 90’s.

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