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Shannon Boschy BFA CFP

Life Goals and lifestyle aspirations almost always have dollar signs attached to them & creating the lives we want certainly does. This means the right financial strategies can help animate the most important values in our lives; and in the right circumstances inform our legacies.

Shannon Boschy is a goal-based financial planner. He’s a GenX retirement contrarian who believes the traditional retirement model is only one model of a meaningful late-stage life. People who live meaningful and impactful lives, or who invest in becoming more and more valuable to the world throughout their traditional working years require a different type of planning.

What does retirement mean to you? Some cultures view the years after our children have grown and gone, after we’ve done our duties as parents as opportunities to shift our lives towards finding intrinsic meaning and exploring greater and greater connection and purpose.

In addition to twenty-years of technical experience, Shannon has rich understanding of cultural history, psychology, personality types, global wisdom traditions, and modern research in the science of happiness. He has strong foundations in NLP and Integral Theory, which are transformational secular practices proven to support us in our efforts to create more fulfilling lives.

What kind of future do you want to create?

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