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The New Abnormal

Like many of you, we have been reading, watching and listening to a wealth of material on the current environment. To supplement this, we have also been having discussions with industry experts, c-suite executives, small business owners, colleagues, friends and family. What follows is an attempt to synthesize this information in an accessible way that is hopefully interesting and useful to others.

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2020 1st Quarter Review

Turbulent times ahead. Given the very positive market performance of 2019 throughout most asset classes, we had already increased our cash positions, as we felt the need to be cautious in the giddy “risk-on” atmosphere that lasted until at least early February. Our prudence did provide some cushioning to our portfolios when the markets plummeted.

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A Difficult Time

We have much to say, so please consider this as part of a series. During times like these, we encourage you to use credible sources for making the kind of decisions we will all have to make over the coming weeks

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