How we take a Revolution and make it an Evolution

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For centuries two words, although resembling one another, have been used time and again in contexts both politically and socially in an often antagonistic means.  Revolution conjures up visions of a need for “sudden change” and if not carried out with immediate haste, a lurking catastrophe portends all of us. Evolution on the other hand is a term that has us imagine a more gradual and continuous development of ideas, processes or society’s standard of behaviours or beliefs.

In any advanced society, it can be expected that “ideas and behaviours” will follow a normal progression. On occasion and usually by necessity, that norm is and will be challenged by some form of “event or external shock” that is often beyond our control. Think of the threat of terrorism, health menaces like Ebola, or the urgency of climate change. Any one of these 3 issues has resulted in pioneering changes in the sciences and industries. In many respects, the ancillary finds from these shocks “revolutionize action” but the spinoffs become the next legs of evolutionary and positive change. These sudden impacts alter the norm and give birth to new investment vistas.

Converting this into “Global Investment Engineering”, the cornerstone and principal driver of Exponent Investment Management, we distill these two concepts down into something well worth exploiting for our clientele and future prospects.  After experiencing a rather dismal 2015, a great number of Canadians are about to receive their year-end investment statements only to find less than robust returns.  Alarmingly, so much is being ignored or missed in the critical design of what should be the “Impact Portfolios” of tomorrow.

  • North American is facing a massive tsunami of an aging population. How will this affect markets and the allocation of our human resources?
  • Climate Change – what exactly is the best means to capture the value of future change and the management of the Earth’s assets?
  • Technology and Innovation – there are a plethora of disruptive technologies here now and coming to change society in short order. Think autonomous vehicles, drones, robots. How does one penetrate those markets correctly? Can we trust government to lead the change or should the investor lead the charge? What role does public policy have on my portfolio?
  • Finally, how does all of the above impact not only the Canadian market but the key markets we should all be investing in?

With 35 years of navigating markets, the old rules still apply like diversification, but the “how to” has been altered significantly. If you want to learn more about how we approach and unwind the mysteries of how to make your wealth have a better impact on your life while making a solid impact of the future of the globe, please contact me now.