Safety of Your Investments

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Safeguarding a lifetime of your hard-earned savings is of paramount importance to all investors. In the lead up to the Great Recession of 2008-09, we witnessed the bankruptcy of two longtime U.S brokerage houses, Lehman Brothers and the venerable Bear Stearns. Following this, investors were confronted with the likes of Canadian Earl Jones and Wall Street fraudster Bernie Madoff, who created clever Ponzi schemes making off with investors savings. All the while we began to ask ourselves, is my money really safe?

Symbolism often lends itself to a feeling of safety. For that reason alone, many will automatically turn to Canada’s largest financial institutions when making decisions to house their wealth and investments. While this may indeed provide the safety that one seeks, the other key question that is not asked is whether the critical elements of the servicing and the ultimate investment solution meet the needs of the investor? Am I acquiring a tailored solution best suited to my family’s needs or just being “sold a product”?

Exponent Investment Management is very much aware of the importance of the on-going safety and stewardship of one’s capital. Unlike the large institutions who use their own in-house custodial services, we employ the services of a “third party custodian” who in turn segregates your assets from their own. Our job is to hire, amongst the many custodians available, who we feel represents the best in class and will service our clients with shared values. While we can work with any, Exponent has chosen to partner with National Bank Independent Network (NBIN) and Credential Correspondence Services. Should the unlikely event of a bankruptcy occur, the outstanding liabilities of all clients (after CIPF coverage) are covered by the parties.

Our clients enjoy the security of Business Recovery Facilities, secure systems with state of the art data storage that is integrated with our systems here at Exponent.