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2020 2nd Quarter Review

Short Video Summary Full Video Review Supporting Charts Video Executive Summary Uncertainty is the new normal After the panic sell-offs of the last quarter, many

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2020 1st Quarter Review

Turbulent times ahead. Given the very positive market performance of 2019 throughout most asset classes, we had already increased our cash positions, as we felt the need to be cautious in the giddy “risk-on” atmosphere that lasted until at least early February. Our prudence did provide some cushioning to our portfolios when the markets plummeted.

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2019 4th Quarter Review

All-time highs all around. Unequivocally, 2019 has been a year for the record books. We have to go back to the late ’90s or perhaps the ominous 2007 calendar year for another period where most asset classes had a positive performance.

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Résumé du T2 2019

La volatilité conjuguée à une baisse des taux d’intérêt pousse les marchés près des niveaux records Rendement De manière imagée, on pourrait dire que le

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