I’ve Invested With a Bank

You have money invested through your bank. You did so because you felt it was secure and convenient. However, you increasingly feel like your advisor’s priorities are to his sales commissions first, to his branch manager second, and to you a distant third. This is not the level of dedication you want from the person handling your life savings.

The Exponent Difference

Stop standing in line to discuss your financial future. It feels good to be one of the confident few rather than one of the hopeful many. It’s a misconception that traditional banks are the most secure option for your funds and that take-a-number service is the trade-off for that security. In fact, private companies like Exponent are subject to much more rigorous regulations. Because your money is held in escrow by a regulated third-party security, you are protected regardless of what happens at Exponent.

With your wealth security insured, a uniquely personalised portfolio plan, lower fees and peace of mind, there is only one question — what are you waiting for?

Not convinced? Compare a 15-minute conversation with one of our advisors to one with your bank and you’ll know that you’re making the right decision.


Setting Goals

Most of us aren’t even sure what goals we should be setting, let alone how to achieve them. We’ll help you define meaningful goals and set actionable plans towards achieving them.

Retirement Planning

Let’s discuss your retirement goals and identify solutions to any hurdles that stand in your way of achieving them. With a proper plan in place you can take comfort, knowing what lies ahead.

Fee Analysis

Are you paying too much in fees? If you don’t know the answer, you probably are. Let us help you fix that.

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