Certified Financial Advisors in Canada

You currently have a financial advisor managing your money, but something doesn’t feel right. The way your portfolio is performing and the strategy your advisor is using does not align with your long-term goals. You need a financial advisor that provides value for their fee. You’ve made steps towards making your money work for you, but you feel it’s time to shop around to see if there’s a better fit for your life savings.

Let Exponent take over your financial planning and management.

The Exponent Fit

Our company strives to uphold a more personalised and refined standing in an industry that requires clients to be extremely selective. If you are not satisfied with your current financial advisor and portfolio management, it’s for a reason. You expect the agent minding your money to do so with humility and without compromise.

As our client, you’ll get an Investment Policy Statement which outlines how we will work with you, including investment selection, risk tolerance, ongoing communication, reporting, management fees, and transparent execution of speciality items unique to our relationship with you. Let’s start a 15-minute conversation around how we can meet your needs and expectations.

Financial Advisor Services


Everything in moderation, they say, and this holds true for a healthy portfolio. We make sure you are adequately diversified across asset types, sectors and geographical markets. This will make your portfolio well-balanced and structured, and you stand to benefit from it.

Account Structuring

Your financial needs will change over time, and so will the structure of your accounts. We’ll make sure there is a plan in place for now, and when these changes take place down the road. Our financial management services are versatile, which means your accounts can be re-structured with changing financial needs and requirements.


We adjust your asset allocation periodically to ensure your portfolio is optimally balanced.

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